All about the ‘O’

One of the major aspects of the Onique ‘face-lift’ was the design of the new logo.

Around this, the new website, medallions and labels were designed.

Taking inspiration from the old logo, while combining Oniques major characteristics, the new O was created.

The logo was designed by Christina Iannelli, exclusivly inspired by Onique’s designs and history.

Making of the Onique logo
Making of the Onique logo

The name Onique, is a result of fusing the founder’s name, Orcun, with the word unique, which is the best word to describe his products and designs.

The O logo is meant to mimic thread, reflecting the most important aspects of Onique’s products, the materials and the handmade techniques.
The O thread is also meant to show how the imperfections of the products are in fact, what make them unique.

The new logo can be see on all of Onique’s Spring 2016 pieces, in either gold or silver.

Looking around the workshop, circles of thread can be found all over.

The subtle and delicate thread adds a finishing touch to each Onique piece, that are in their own right, works of art.

Onique logo

Onique metal logo

Logo designed and created by Christina Iannelli for Onique, 2016.