Bag Feature: The Onique Backpack

The Onique Backpack Line – Spring/Summer 2016

This exclusive piece is our current feature as it’s THE MUST HAVE weekend summer backpack. These bags are perfect to tote around all summer long with all of your essentials; bathing suit, sun screen, a bottle of champagne etc..

Onique backpack light

The backpack comes in 29 different colours and styles that are all unique. Depending on the bag, they are all made with at least one or two hand crafted interlace, interweave and crochet techniques.

The crocheting technique dates back to 17th century French lace making, and also through 19th century English garments. Since these times, crochet has evolved into different patterns and using various types of materials.

Onique logo on backpacks

The inspiration for this bag stemmed from the age-old question; form or function? Obviously we wanted both, so we reversed the conventional form of the backpack and created a more triangular shape to frame the handmade detailing on the front and back.

Our choice of materials for these bags was limitless. Some materials we used to create our backpack line include: chiffon, cotton, satin, leather, acrylic, raffia, wooden beads, metal beads, the list goes on….

Each bag has a personality, whether it be a blue, light weight backpack inspired by the Greek islands, or a silver, metallic beaded backpack that can be called anything but ‘shy’.

Every piece has an inspiration and a story, and each have taken days to make.

This summer, throw a few weekend essentials into an Onique backpack and start your story…

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Christina Onique backpack

Argent Onique Backpack

Onique backpack orange blue

Onique backpack pink

Onique backpack front

Wearing onique backpack