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The Macramé knotting technique that can be seen on many Onique products comes from Turkish origins. Macramé comes from 13th century Turkey and refers to the knotted fringe that was used for hanging plants, and decorating linens and towels.

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Onique uses this age-old technique but puts a modern, stylish spin on it. Using an array of colours and fabrics, one thing is for sure; the quality of this method hasn’t changed since Orcun (Onique’s founder) was taught by the best, his Turkish mother.

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All the Onique macramé patterns are inspired and handed down from old Turkish and eastern European traditions. The mix of folk art and high fashion is what make Onique’s designs so particular and endearing.

Each piece tells a story and has decades of tradition woven into its threads.

This summer tassels and macramé knots are everywhere!

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One of the main reasons why the Onique designers wanted to feature so much macramé this spring and summer, is because this technique is effortless and gives pieces, like dresses and bags, a life of their own. The fabric simply moves with your body, evoking a casual and laid-back summer vibe.

Don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind pieces for summer. The exclusive Summer 16’ collection is completely handmade in Florence, Italy but designs are inspired from all over the Mediterranean.


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