The ONIQUE team

Who is Onique?

Onique is an accessories and clothing brand based out of Florence, Italy that specializes in creating pieces through rare, hand-made techniques. Created by Orcun Malkoclar, along with his sister Elif, who has been producing products for top designers for over 20 years.

Their designs have graced the runways of Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Prada, Chanel .. the list goes on.

Now, Orcun has created his own label to design under; Onique.

Orcun Malkoclar
Orcun Malkoclar

Orcun and Elif have a family run production company located right outside of Florence Italy, where you can visit their beautiful workshop any day of the week. The workshop employs talented designers, artisans and seamstresses from various backgrounds and ages.

Christina Iannelli Onique
Christina Iannelli, in the Onique showroom

This workshop also holds a beautiful showroom and dining area, equipe with a bar and professional grade kitchen, where they also hold events and parties.

If he’s not creating gorgeous designs for Onique, then you will find him in the kitchen making mouth watering dishes. Orcun is also a celebrity chef who has cooked for over 20 years all around the world for celebrities and the elite.

He now hosts many events at his workshop where you can not only ogle over his bags, wallets and purses, but also over his amazing food.

To truly understand their talent, hard work and dedication, a trip to the workshop is a must.

From Turkey to San Francisco to Florence…

Hailing originally from Turkey, both Orcun and Elif now reside in Florence, Italy. They grew up with their mother as a top seamstress in Turkey, and this is how they mastered all of their traditional hand-made techniques. This has been their main source of inspiration.

Travelling and living all over the world is also a great part of their inspiration. You can understand this easily just by looking at some of their designs.

Intertwining the traditional techniques handed down from his mother and the many techniques taught from experts from around the world, Orcun’s Onique designs are truly one of a kind.

Interested in events held at the Onique workshop? Or just want to book a visit? Please contact Orcun directly with your question at